Step 1: Leadership and Executive Support

Investment and buy-in from senior leadership can create a culture where healthy lifestyles are valued and promoted.
Leadership plays a vital role in the success of a workplace wellness program. Leadership commitment and support can communicate the purpose and processes of the workplace health program to all levels of the organization.

Benefits of Getting Leadership Involved

Leaders can:

  • act as models and champions for the effort, and achieve buy-in and support from other levels of the organization
  • cultivate a supportive work environment with management and employees
  • dedicate the necessary resources to the effort

An organization that promotes health in the work environment demonstrates its concern for the well-being of its employees, enhances its competitiveness, engages its employees and presents itself as an attractive place to work.

Role of Leadership in Implementing a Wellness Program

Organizations that wish to implement a wellness program should identify a senior executive to oversee the organization’s workplace health program. The role of a leader is to:

  • communicate consistently to all levels of the organization the workplace health program goals, objectives and activities to create buy-in and support
  • serve as a model and champion. Senior leaders “walk the talk” and gain active commitment, support and participation from other managers and staff
  • demonstrate organizational commitment to workplace health and safety initiatives (through employment contracts, strategic plans and health improvement plans)
  • appoint a Worksite Wellness Coordinator with the time, interest and skills to lead the effort, and recruit and assign Wellness Team members
  • dedicate resources and assign a budget to the Wellness Team
  • articulate how the vision and goals align with overall business goals, showing the connections between employee health and business objectives
Once you have leadership buy-in to your wellness program, you will need to create a Wellness Team preferably from within your organization.