Our Vision, Mission and Values


To transform the culture of Delaware to make healthy eating and active living a priority

Mission Statement 

Delaware HEAL supports and encourages programs, environments and resources that promote healthy eating and active living to reduce the prevalence of overweight, obesity and related chronic diseases.

Guiding Principles

  1. We believe in sharing information and resources and leveraging the knowledge of members
  2. We believe in advocating and demonstrating for interests of DE HEAL and will support and encourage each other.
  3. Each member will be mindful of the DE HEAL mission and support and promote it.
  4. Broad participation of collaborative partners has the greatest impact.
  5. Everyone’s voice matters.
  6. We believe that every Delawarean has a right to be healthy and live a healthy lifestyle.
  7. We value participation and involvement of our Coalition and network partners.
  8. We trust that our members will maintain ethical standards and integrity in their work with the Coalition.
  9. We assist each other on the development, implementation and evaluation of initiatives that can impact the mission of DE HEAL.
  10. We lead, promote, and advocate for solutions and policies that advance our mission
  11. We are a resource and provide expertise in healthy eating and active living for public and private agencies.